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Status Update & More

I am doing better. I have had some tendinitis in my bicep/triceps area and I haven’t been able to throw for a while. Just had to let that calm down, I went out on a rehab and threw a pitch in my 2nd outing, and I irritated a nerve in that same area.

I went back to Denver to get a cortisone shot, got the shot, didn’t play catch for a couple of days, and hopefully I’ll go back on a rehab on Monday or Tuesday. I’m going to need at least three appearances down there.

The first time I was on rehab I threw a day, off a day, pitched a day. And that’s when I had the setback because I didn’t recover well. So this time I’m going to throw a day, take two days, throw a day, off again, and then throw to see how I feel. Then we’ll go from there.

I’m not frustrated. I was a little bit, but I’m over it. I have to look at the bright side of things. I’ve played this game for a long time and I’m the last person you want to hear complaining about being injured. I played this game 90 percent of my career without being injured. I can’t complain.

The Rockies have been letting me go on the road so I’m still a part of the team. I’m able to go down in the bullpen and sit there during games, and still be part of the team. A lot of times when a guy gets hurt, they can’t go on a road trip. They have to stay back in their city and go on rehab. So being part of the team has definitely helped me mentally.

I have a lot of memories of being in the minor leagues. I think going down is a very humbling experience, especially as a big leaguer seeing the young kids try to get to the big leagues. The minor leagues are a lot different than when I was down there. It would be cool if every big leaguer could go down there every 10 years or so. If a flame is starting to blow out just a little bit, going down there for 3 days definitely reignites the flame.

I spent a lot of time in Salt Lake City (I was there from ’94 to ’97), so I’d have to say my favorite minor league city was there. The city was one of the cleanest cities I’d ever been in. I could sit in the ballpark and see the mountains that still had snow on them. I had never witnessed that with my own eyes.

Playing a new ballpark, we sold out every night. Joe Boozer was our owner, one of the nicest guys I’ve ever met. I spent a lot of time with him, and talked to him about baseball and how he became the owner of the New Britain Rock Cats and the Salt Lake Buzz. I couldn’t have picked a nicer city to spend AAA with.

As for the team, when we pitch well, we haven’t hit well. And when we hit well, we don’t pitch well. I’m sure that’s the same song that other teams at the bottom of their division sing. We still have a lot of season left; hopefully we can get it turned around…start swinging the bat better and throw the ball over the plate. Our starters can go deeper in games and our bullpen can hold some leads and get some saves.

The good teams do that, and if we are going to be a good team, then we have to do all those things.