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Coors Field Holds Great Memories

Our home park, Coors Field, is a great place to play. It has beautiful scenery and backgrounds. The whole stadium is really cool. Its facilities are great. The fans are awesome, the people are nice. It’s definitely a cool place to play.

I think that play-in game against the Padres is my favorite memory of Coors Field. Just the way that season ended for us, the month of September played out, and we had to play a 163rd game to get into the playoffs. That’s probably my favorite memory in Coors Field.

This week we also played the Giants in their home opener. It wasn’t a revenge thing or anything like that. I can’t remember ever opening against a team that won the World Series. Probably have, but didn’t pay attention to it. I paid a little more attention to it this year, because ya know what, they played their butts off last year. They got hot at the right time, rode into the playoffs and picked up their third World Series title in five years. If anybody has anything bad to say about the Giants, I’d say they are crazy because that team shown what they are about on the field.