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The Power of Teammates, Family, & Fans

On Sunday I gave up a game-winning home run to Dexter Fowler and we lost to the Cubs. You wrestle with it when that happens. I mean, you don’t have any control over where it goes and whether they hit it or not. It’s part of the game. But like I said a couple days ago, I have to make better pitches when I have guys down in the count. And if I don’t make good pitches – this is the big leagues – YOU WILL GET HURT.

After games like that, I’m especially grateful for my teammates. We are a big family. You are around your teammates more than you are around your wife and your kids, brothers and sisters. Just having their support, knowing that they play the game of baseball…we all know when you go out there that things aren’t always going to go the way you plan every time. There are going to be times when you fail. Baseball is built around failure. So knowing that my teammates have my back, knowing that they know that I can get the job done, it means everything. And if and when the time comes that you don’t get the job done, you turn the page and move forward. But knowing that they have that confidence in you is crucial to your own confidence.

One thing about Fowler; I never played with him. He was in the minors in 2007 when I was with the Rockies, but I know him, he’s a friend. He had a job to do. I hung him a pitch that he could handle, and he did what he was supposed to do with that ball.

Anyway, the home opener was special. My wife and daughter had a chance to fly in from Dallas to be there and witness it. Getting called out on that line for that final time in front of your home crowd is just a special moment because of the energy that the crowd brings. Coors Field has beautiful scenery in the background. The stadium is really cool, and a very cool place to play. The fans are awesome.

Once I got there, I just said a little prayer. I said thank you God for putting me in a situation where I have been able to play the game for 20 years and impact people’s lives off the field. And thank you for continuing to watch over me throughout my final season in professional baseball.