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One More Opening Day

I’m trying out Sportsblog to let people get to know LaTroy Hawkins from a different perspective.

I didn’t get too emotional on Monday, but only because it was Opening Day on the road, and not at home in Denver. I think Denver on Friday will be a little bit more special, more emotional for me being in front of our home crowd. I’m looking forward to Friday. I know Monday was Opening Day for Major League Baseball except for the Cubs and Cardinals but I’m looking toward Friday’s opener at Coors Field in Denver, with our home crowd.

I feel a kinship with the Rockies. I always say one of my best seasons was 2007, because of what we were able to accomplish as a team, making it to the World Series and the way we did it. Of all the teams I’ve been with, I can always say that the Rockies and the Twins are my 2 teams that I felt at home with the whole time. My family, the fans, the community, definitely all made a connection in those 2 places.

This is definitely my last season. I don’t want to be one of those guys who says “I am retiring” than “I’m not retiring” and then get home, and want to come back. I’ve played the game a long time. 25 years of playing the game of baseball. I have a 13 year old daughter that’s going into high school next year. Baseball has been great to me and my family but I really feel deep down, from talking to my wife and 2 girls at home, that it’s time to come home. As you know, being a teenager is full of some tough years, going into high school. My wife has done it by herself for a long time and its time for to give her a helping hand.

Someone recently asked me, What will I relish the most this final season? Good question. I think hanging out with the clubhouse guys on the visiting side. I know most of them pretty good, and most of them are friends of mine. Just hanging out with them in the clubhouse a little longer than I normally would. Phil Rozewicz and Ben Wilkes are here tonight in Milwaukee. I’ll hang out with them in the clubhouse a little longer than I normally would. Crack funnies, and help them do their work a little bit. ☺ Enjoy the company, and then they’ll give me a ride back to the hotel.

I have Twitter. I have Instagram. I take a lot of pictures, but you only have so many characters on those platforms. With Sportsblog, you can get my true expressions.